Hamanaro Campaigns

1. Commemorating Our First Anniversary: Environmental Stewardship

The celebration of our first anniversary marked a pivotal moment for the Humanaro Foundation. Founded with a vision to combat plastic pollution, we expanded our focus to encompass broader environmental concerns. Kumar Vishal, our Co-founder, emphasized the urgent need to address the detrimental effects of plastic waste, which not only pollute the environment but also pose fatal threats to wildlife. To combat this crisis, the foundation embarked on a mission to educate the public and reduce our reliance on plastic. Furthermore, inspired by Meenu Singh's dreams, we initiated tree plantation drives, striving to create greener cities and promote environmental consciousness among the younger generation.

2. Honoring International Dog Day: Advocacy for Stray Canine Companions

As the world celebrated International Dog Day, the Humanaro Foundation stood firm in acknowledging the indispensable role played by stray dogs within our communities. Amidst rising cruelty against animals, the foundation staunchly advocates for the welfare of all animals, including often overlooked stray dogs. Our initiatives extend beyond beloved pet dogs, reaching out to underprivileged strays with vital nourishment across multiple locations in Patna. Kumar Vishal reiterated our unwavering commitment to stray animal welfare, emphasizing the fundamental rights of all living beings.

3. Environmental Protection through Tree Plantation Campaigns

Humanaro Foundation undertakes a crucial role in preserving our planet through tree plantation initiatives. Our aim is to create greener cities and a cleaner environment. Beyond tree planting, our efforts include running awareness campaigns in government and non-government schools in Bihar and Jharkhand. Recognizing the pressing environmental challenges such as deforestation, pollution, and climate change, our resolve is firm to plant millions of trees across India. Kumar Vishal affirmed the foundation's target, emphasizing the pivotal role of afforestation in combating environmental degradation.

4. Recognition for Dedication: Indian Icon Award for Animal Rights and Environmental Conservation

Kumar Vishal, Co-founder of Humanaro Foundation, was honored with the prestigious Indian Icon Award for his exemplary dedication to animal rights and environmental conservation. This distinguished recognition reaffirms our commitment to protecting our planet and its creatures. Kumar Vishal’s tireless efforts and the foundation's initiatives have made substantial contributions to wildlife conservation, endangered species protection, and ethical treatment of animals.

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The foundation actively promotes awareness for environmental protection, animal rescue, and conservation. Their commitment is exemplified by a mission to plant millions of trees nationwide, highlighting a dedicated effort to foster positive change for the well-being of both the environment and animals.

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